What Is An Apostle?

1 Cor 3:10  According to the grace of God which was given to me as a wise master builder ( Sophos architekton: an architect who moves in wisdom) I laid a foundation, and another builds on it. But let each man be careful how he builds on it.

Paul was an apostle. In First Corinthians three we get a glimpse at Paul’s apostolic ministry.

Architect: A professional who designs buildings or other structures, and or who prepares plans, schematics or blueprints and superintends their construction according to them.  The devisor, creator or builder of something, as the framers or architects’ of the United States Constitution.

One of the most important ministries is that of the apostle. The apostle is the architect of the NT church. He has an anointing to reveal the schematics and patterns, of the heavenly objects which the church is to build upon. This is essential, because in proportion to how accurately the church can built on the earth what is in heaven is the proportion of its success. The apostle is uniquely anointed to receive and reveal the schematics of heavenly objects for others to build on the earth.

Do you want that type of ministry? Please discuss if you do.

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