The Father Staying in Me

Joh 14:10 Are you not believing that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The declarations which I am speaking to you I am not speaking from Myself. Now the Father, remaining in Me, He is doing His works.”

The last part of this verse in the Greek reads like this. “Moreover the Father, the one in me staying, He Himself, does the acts or works.”

The word “to stay” defined by Google is described as “to remain or stay in a specified state, role, or position.”

The Father stays in us in exactly the same way that He stayed in Jesus. Our success in the Christian life is dependent on how clearly and in what roles and positions we can see the Father staying in us.

What is your need or desire today?  How clearly can you see the Father in you in the position, role, or state of what you are asking God to do?

In exactly the same ways, the same power, the same roles that the the Father stayed in Jesus, He stays in you. He will work His works through you in exactly the same ways that He did through Jesus.

All of this is contingent on how clearly you can see the Father in you and believe Him in the same way that Jesus believed Him.

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