2 Thessalonians 2:1  But with respect to the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered to meet Him, we entreat you, brethren,

Literal:  “With respect to the Presence of our Lord Jesus and our being synagogued upon Him, we ask you…”

The word synagogue or assembly is commonly known as a site where a Jewish congregation assembles itself unto God.  It comes from two Greek words “sun” & “agoge”, which is demarcated “as being brought together in order to be led”.

“Our being gathered to meet Him” is a trilogy of Greek words’ literally meaning, “synagogued UPON the Lord Jesus.”

Humanity has always been summoned to synagogue or assemble itself together around its Creator in order to be led by Him.  This is what I call “Normal Theology or Religion or Christianity”. In fact, this is normal living.  It must be the status quo procedures of any and every nation under earth to synagogue around God in order to be led by Him.

The so called “separation of church and state” is a fraud of the devil and rebellion by wounded hearts which repel the presence of God. It is diametrically opposed to the practice of synagogue. It does not hurt God nearly as much as it hurts us. We lose the privilege and the benefits of being led by an all ever-loving and wise God.

When I get criticized or called narrow-minded, or a Jesus fanatic because I continually want to assemble myself around the glorious presence of my Creator in orders to be led by Him, this is the normal status quo of the human being. It is the default mode of a person.  Dysfunctionality, or an anomaly is to not desire to be led by God.  We were never meant to be in this position. It is a lie and a gimmick of sin and of the devil, of the most destructive fashion.  The leading of ourselves ends in our eventual death and destruction. This is why society and civilization has strayed so far into darkness and debauchery.

The good news of the gospel is that God has brought us another chance to be forgiven by Him and to once again synagogue, or assemble ourselves around Him in order to be led by Him, in the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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