One Of My Scarier Preaching Experiences

One of the scariest experiences for me occurred in New Mexico.

I lived in a little town. There was a place where many of the town men would hang out. Many of them where alcoholics and some were drug users.  They knew me as “The Preacher”.  I would sit with them and casually talk about God. I was generally accepted. I did not preach but tried to be a friend.

One of my daughters, who was very small at that time, screamed when she got nervous. One of the guys that was present on that particular evening, was coked out. That morning he had passed by my home and heard my daughter screaming.

That night in his stoned  state he accused me of child abuse, though I had not touched my daughter. Other men likewise intoxicated pushed me around. This guy took a rope and built a noose with it. He was threatening to hang me. I was praying and trying to reason with them.

Suddenly a girl, who I hardly knew, came through the angry crowd of men and told me to follow her. She led me through the gathering and none of the men spoke to me. There was utter silence as I passed through. I got into my car and left.

The experience reminded me of the angels who led either Paul or Peter safely through an angry mob. I will never forget this girl, who I had seen on occasion but had never met. Was she an angel? I do not know.

Weeks later the guy, who had threatened to hang me entered the store where I worked. God told me to extend my hand to him, shake it, and greet him. When I did, he became undone. He freaked out not knowing what to say or do. I forgave him. Love is always the greater.

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