Oh, How God Loves the Catholics!

Oh how God loves the Catholics! Time and time again, I witness the Holy Spirit overpower Catholics with  prodigious love and power. In New Mexico and the  Catholic Charismatic Center, just a wave of the hand, and precious Catholics fall out in the Spirit.  Catholics simply hunger for the supernatural!

Medjugorje, Conyers, Lourdes and Fatima, where Mary , “supposedly” appeared, is a cry for the supernatural, for the spiritual.

I love spiritual people. Native Americans are naturally spiritual.  I don’t agree with all  their doctrines, but there is no doubt that they love the supernatural.

Sometimes people are just misguided in their passions and need to be mentored. We have had the privilege of praying for many Navajos.  Wham, bang, shaking and baking;  it’s such a thrill to minister to them!

Last week, I had occasion to minister to a precious Catholic sister who visited Doral Vineyard. As for many who visit us the first time, most have not had an encounter with the Holy Ghost. I love these kind of folks. What an opening to introduce them to the loving God.

I ask them,” have you ever fallen down in the Holy Spirit?” Most of them say no.  I reply, “ Well, there is a first time for everything!”  Most of them go down, with hardly a touch, crying and rejoicing, copiously touched by the love of God.

So this Catholic lady came for prayer in the midst of people flat on their backs. I asked her what she thought of what was going on?  I then posed the famous question, if she had  gone down by the power if the Spirit? The obvious “no” came from her her mouth. I stretched out my hand to her, the glory of God manifested, she reeled back losing her balance, giggling, wide eye, flaying her hands, into the arms of my catcher.  For people like her, I will pray four or five times until they are infused with large doses of the Spirit of God.

We brought her up and repeated the supernatural operation.  She was captivated and enthralled by the touch of God’s love.

In thirty two years of ministering to hundreds and hundreds , have I never seen anyone turned off  by Holy Spirit manifestations. As for me, I debunk the theory that the unbeliever is scared by charismatic manifestations of God and that we must not allow them in Sunday services.

Anyways, in the last three time of praying for this precious sister, God told me to stand fifteen feet away and stretch out my hand to her. There was no difference. She went down all the same.  God is so great, always in a good mood, and  always wanting to have a good time.  Ninety percent of ministry in the Spirit is just plain ole fun. God is overwhelming and majestic, can punish pretty sorely, but also loves fun.  I say, that there is a fun anointing, I have seen it plenty of times.  On one occasion He told me to release  “The Cuba Libre” anointing, and people fell out drunk in the Spirit.

As for my sister in Christ, as she left the church, she shook my hand saying, “ I will be be back next week.”

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