Jesus Christ is God: (A brief Greek exposition)

We live in times where many falsely so-called ways to God and eternal life exist. Many also repudiate that Jesus Christ,  the deity of God, or God Himself, appeared as a man, to pay for the sins of humanity.

As I read Hebrews 1: 8 in the Greek, I had a fresh revelation of the deity of Christ.

Heb 1:8  But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom.

For time’s sake, lets only delve into the first part of the verse.

Greek: In addition, with reference to, or being directed, or pertaining to the Son (accusative case),  the throne of you the God ( nominative case) into the eon (accusative case) of the eon ( genitive case)…..

Unto the Son:  “Unto” ( Greek: Pros)

“Pros” is one of many Greek prepositions. It has a broad range of meanings. The bulk of its definition is “to be focused towards something, directed, pertaining to, and with reference to.”

In the Koine Greek, verbs have tenses, and nouns have cases.

The Son, in verse eight is in the noun accusative case. The accusative case is just what is says. One who is accused or has a finger pointed towards. The accused is the one who gets the verdict, the sentence, and the execution thereof. If we turn this around in a good way, the accused, receive all blessings, or is the repository, the depot, or the  soccer net, where all good things end up into.

The Son, as a noun, is in the accusative case.  What a powerful grammatical structure.

With reference to, or being directed or pertaining to the Son (accusative case).”

The Son, is the container or repository of what comes next.

Next we find, “the throne of you the God”( nominative case).”

The nominative noun case establishes the position of the subject in the sentence. The subject is the one who carries out the action. Here it is the throne of God.

The final part our verse study reads: “into the eon ( accusative case) of the eon ( genitive case).

The genitive noun case establishes possession or belonging to. We can exposit this part of the verse as “the throne of you the God, is active, operational and established into the eon (accusative) belonging to the eon, or forever.  Or God sits on a throne which is dynamic and operative forevermore!

Now let’s tie in the first part of verse eight.

In regards, reference or pertaining to the Son ( accusative), the throne of you , the God (nominative), is dynamic, and operative forevermore.

In reference to you Jesus Christ, your throne, God, is functional and operational forever.

We can agree Christ Jesus is The God who will reign upon a throne into all the succeeding ages which are possessed by eternity.

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