Earth Sciences and the Glory of God

I stipulate that matter has five states rather than four. Solids, liquids, gases, plasma, and the rhema word.

Heb 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the rhema word of God, so that things ( made from matter) which are seen were not made of things ( made from matter) which do appear.

  • The rhema word transports the matter of God’s invisible kingdom to earth. The matter which makes up God’s kingdom is always superior than the matter that makes up the natural and seen world. By faith, the rhema word materializes the matter of God’s kingdom so that it might be seen.

Although mass must be distinguished from matter in physics, becausematteris a poorly-defined concept, and although all types of agreed-upon matterexhibit mass, it is also the case that many types ofenergywhich are not matter—such aspotential energy,kinetic energy, and trapped electromagnetic(photons)—also exhibit mass. Wikipedia.

  • Energy has mass, or interchangeably, weight.  This is why God says that His glory has weight.
  • In a ministry situation, by faith, we realize that the mass and weight of God’s glory is greater than the mass of the object that we are ministering to.

Electromagnetic radiation carriesenergyandmomentumthat may be imparted tomatterwith which it interacts. Wikipedia

  • Therefore, Glory radiation carries energy and momentum that may be imparted to matter with which it interacts, and will indelibly, transform the earthly matter to line up with matter of God’s invisible kingdom.  All happens by faith.
  • Glory is the radiation emitted by, and what makes visible, the invisible objects in God’s  kingdom.  As photon is the light particle of the visible kingdom, glory, is the light particle of the invisible kingdom.

Inphysicsandchemistry, matter exhibits bothwave-like andparticle-like properties, the so-calledwave–particle duality. Wikipedia.

  • Because matter exhibits both particle and wave like attributes, the glory of God can manipulate, especially the wave like properties of the physical object that it touches.

According toMaxwell’s equations, a movingelectric fieldcauses themagnetic fieldto change over time.  Wikipedia

  • A moving glory field causes the magnetic field to change over time. The glory field will cause the magnetic field in any physical object to change and line up to the rhema word of God. With the change in the magnetic field, comes the change in matter.

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