Biblical Languages Meetings

We realize that the Body of Christ has a hunger to learn the grammatical basics of the original Biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew.

Jose Alvarez has been studying the Word of God in the Greek and Hebrew for the twenty-one years.

Once that a believer gets a taste of delving into the Hebrew and Greek Word Studies he or she will never want to just study in the English. Secondly, the revelation knowledge which the Lord imparts to the believer from the original languages is a hundredfold what he or she will ever experience from the English. Finally, it’s the knowledge of the Word of God, not the Word, which sets the believer free. Delving into the original languages magnifies the liberty of the Lord which the believer experiences in his or her life.
Finally, on the Internet, there are a few excellent and free Biblical programs which will help you immensely in your understanding and studying of the Greek and Hebrew. We will teach you how to download and utilize these free tools.

Jose and Mary can now set up an evening of teaching for you and your friends where you will learn the fundamentals of Biblical Greek and Hebrew grammar and a basic knowledge of how to download and use the excellent and free Biblical tools.

Generally it is pretty simple.

You invite your church friends to your home. Right now our available nights are on Wednesday and Saturdays.

We encourage people to bring their lap tops if your home is Wi Fi ready. Also please bring plenty of paper and writing utensils.

The time of 7:00 PM seems to work well. Mary and I will come to your home or church about 15 minutes before that. We don’t finish late so you can go to church on Sundays and to your jobs on Thursdays. The time can be altered to fit the needs of your home or church.

All that is really needed in terms of beverages is bottled water. At this type of meeting, coffee and food is not advised because it time-consuming, distracting, and a burden on the host.

An offering to be taken up by the inviting host is suggested.

We also give out some of our business cards for those who would want to contact us.

That is about it. God really moves in many wonderful ways and everybody gets touched.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a South Florida Biblical Hebrew and Greek grammar meeting at your home or church.

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