At The Mouth of the Lord

Numbers 3:16  And Moses numbered them according (at) to the word (Heb: mouth)  of the LORD, as he was commanded.

Numbers 3:39  All that were numbered of the Levites, which Moses and Aaron numbered at the commandment (Heb: mouth)  of the LORD, throughout their families, all the males from a month old and upward, were twenty and two thousand.

It is important to understand the prophet is not only a foreteller of future events, but is the Lord’s faithful spokesperson to declare that which comes forth from the mouth of the Lord.  Prophecy is the accurate declaring forth of what the Lord Jesus speaks within a person’s spirit.  The prophet must be very careful to declare without what the mouth of God speaks within.

Once again we see the greatness of the prophet is his or her limitation to live by the voice

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