Africa Memoirs: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Kenya

Jambo (Hello) from Kenya! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving feast in Kenya thanks to our white missionary friends Brian and Stacy Cloud. The Clouds live just one mile from us. They went to a specialty supermarket in Nairobi that gears itself to American food. We had a meal of turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing and gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and an apple pie that Timmy made from scratch. Several Kenyans who had never heard of Thanksgiving came and feasted with us and loved the American cuisine. We also were able to get a small artificial Christmas tree with decorations so the Lord really set us up for the holidays.

The Problems of Kenya

Some of the problems of Kenya are so different to what are experienced in western nations. When Jose got back to the USA the company that gives us water had changed locations, so water was being rationed and we ended buying water to drink, bathe, and flush toilets for almost a week. The water then came back. Meanwhile the heavy rains of November busted the piping in the dam that feeds water to Nairobi and our town of Kitengela. The water once again was rationed due to heavy rains! Finally due to the very rains that we desperately need our clothes could not dry as they hung on the clothesline for one week. We had to pray for a break in the rains so that our clothes could dry and the Lord answered us!

What God is Speaking to the Church Worldwide

In Jose’s travels to the USA and now back in Kenya we are seeing God speaking and bringing His church into the revelations of the supernatural realms of His glory. On Jose’s return to Kenya a number of pastors desired to set up seminars on the open heavens, angelic visitations and the third heavens. There is global hunger for the supernatural acts of the Lord.  We are excited that one such conference beginning on the fourth of December will impact the Masai people where revival is happening. Three hundred to five hundred people, mostly Masais from all parts of Kenya will attend and board at the conference site for six days.

Mary and I are also going through an excellent CD series by Pastor Jack Frost entitled from “Slavery to Sonship”. Pastor Frost defines the main root of all problems with the church worldwide is that it suffers from an orphan heart. Though we are sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father in reality we hardly enjoy this relationship with Him.  Religious legalism, rejection, strife, envy, competition, and lack of self-worth all derive from this orphan heart.  We encourage every Christian to get this CD series that will help bring us into true sonship with our Heavenly Father.

We love you all!

Jose and Mary and kids

Jose and Mary’s Itinerary

November 29- December 3rd Spiritual Transformation Seminar: Christ Royal Church, Kitengela, Kenya

December 4th– 10th   “The Realms of the Supernatural Conference @ The School of Fire Conference: Mashuru, Kenya

December 11th-17th   Annual Conference, Bishop Nicholas Mulli, Athi River, Kenya

December 23rd    Best People: John and Sarah’s wedding, Nairobi, Kenya

December 28th– January 1st  The Holy Spirit Seminar  Mountain of God Church, Simba Town, Kenya

January 5-7   Unconfirmed Seminar  Nabi Church of Christ, Kangemi, Kenya

January 10th-14th  Miracles Week  Christ Royal Church, Kitengela, Kenya

January 16th –21st  Ungoma Conference,  Ungoma World Mission Church, Ungoma, Kenya

January 28th  “The Open Heavens Service”  Redeemed Gospel Church, Matasia, Kenya

January 31st– March 2nd  USA Ministry  Donald and Maria Passwaters, Hialeah, Florida, USA

February 14th-19th Louisville, Kentucky Meetings  Jim and Cindy Heider, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

March 19th-25th  “The Realms of the Supernatural Conference”  Revealed Gospel Church of Kenya, Syayia District, Kenya

April 2nd-8th “The Realms of the Supernatural Conference”  Pastor Martin Barrasa, Ungoma, Kenya

April 17th –22nd Safari Journey for Alexandria’s Birthday

May 2nd-May 6th “The Realms of the Supernatural” (Unconfirmed) Masai Redeemed Gospel Churches Matasia Region, Kenya

May 15th –21st “The Realms of the Supernatural Seminar”  Pastor Henry Waweru

June USA Ministry (The whole family goes!!)  Donald and Maria Passwaters, Hialeah, Florida, USA

Late July Six African Nations Holy Spirit Transformation Conference  The Fellowship for Christ for all the Nations, Mololongo, Kenya

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