Africa Memoirs: Kisii and Nyamira

I just got back from a weeklong trip to the Western Kenya in the towns of Kisii and Nyamira. We did a conference in Nyamira on the Holy Spirit called “Touching the Source”.

In Kenya people take a lunch hour break from 12:30PM to 2:00PM. In numerous churches lunch hour meetings are very popular. Pastor Ken Nyarieko of the Kisii Deliverance Church has been doing lunch hour conferences faithfully for the last 5 years, five days a week! He does these meetings outside of the church to attract those passing by.

These meetings can have up to 200-300 people. I had the privilege of teaching three of these lunch hour meetings. Then it was off to Nyamira forty-five minutes away for our five-day conference. Kisii and Nyamira are known for their abundant rain, luscious green fields of vibrant crops. Passion fruit, pineapple, tea, bananas, avocados, corn, and many more of these fill these rich lands. I must say that I had some the best vegetables and the very best avocados and pineapples ever in Nyamira.

We are firm believers that the best way to learn in a conference setting is to make the sessions into a classroom with discussions, questions and answers. When I began on the first day to teach on the rhema word and began to ask questions of the people, there was deep silence and wide-open eyes staring at me. I found out from Pastor Ronald Arita of the Nyamira Deliverance Churches that Kenyans are not used to answer questions, especially in church! He told me however to be myself and continue with my teaching style. The next day God also showed me a blackboard at the church, which I actively used to put all of the Greek terminology. There was a great hunger for the Greek as these precious Kenyans jotted down note after note after note. People started to get up and read out of the King James Version for me. I used my 5- or 6 words of broken Swahili and made the people laugh. By the end of the conference we had people asking and answering questions. It was truly fantastic.

In Nyamira we saw the manifestation of prophecies, many, many, people falling down under the power of the Spirit, a healing that took place within hours, when the spirit of witchcraft was broken, and several deliverances from diabetes. On the last day we imparted to people the gifts of the Spirit, (Romans 1:11), the breakthrough anointing (Micah 2:13), and called those forth that felt that they were to be financial givers in Kenya.

We taught much out of the Greek on the power of the delivered mind as the slave of the law of God or of the inward man, which law is the river of anointing flowing out from us. (Romans 7:22-25). Our time was truly glorious.

The Sunday before this conference Mary and I went to another beautiful part of Kenya in  Kambu/ Giguruthi. This area has much of the Kenyan coffee that we enjoy in the USA. We taught two churches in an open field. One of these churches has many young people. After the teaching on the rhema word we prayed for many people and once again saw great manifestations of the Holy Spirit with many falling under the power of the Spirit and many words of prophecies given.

The week before we had preached in a revival meeting. A woman came forth with the HIV Virus. We discerned a demon in her and cast it out. She fell on the floor writhing and screaming and was set free! Hallelujah!

We are now believing God to be able to rent an office space in downtown Kitengela for Safari Through the Word Ministries. There is a brand new office complex that will be opening up in about three weeks. This would give our ministry a central space in the downtown area. We would use the office not only to meet interested people but also as a training center. Part of God’s vision is for us to pour out of ourselves, and our teachings into selected leaders that will take this exhaustive mentoring to their nations in Kenya and other parts of Africa.

Though Mary and I do not consider ourselves pastors, we have received a word that with other people of God, Donald and Monica Wathome we must plant a true apostolic New Testament church in Kitengela that will be a living example of our teachings. Pastor Wathome is an apostle and a pastor to the Massai people who has a very similar vision to ours. His vision entails to train up leaders in different nations of Africa so that they can do the work of the ministry in their countries. Both families know that the secret of the anointing and training is to do everything according to the heavenly patterns as shown on the mount by the rhema word of God. (Heb 8:5).

We have upcoming meetings with the Ethiopian Oromo Christians in Nairobi, a conference in Kakamega in the Western part of Kenya, a prophetical dinner and service in Kitengela, and a meeting and ministry to married couples in Embakassi on the outskirts of Nairobi.

For Lexy’s (Alexandria’s) 17th birthday we went bowling. We are all doing well and adapting to the Kenyan lifestyle. Our dogs Brutus and Muffet are doing pretty well with the Kenyan dog food. There are no indoor dogs in Kenya. They are simply considered animals. Many Kenyans get a kick out of our little pets.

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