The Navajo Nation Healing Revival

We just completed our five-day prophetic/ healing meetings to the Navajo Nation in Farmington, New Mexico and are now back in Miami, Florida.

The Lord Jesus moved exceedingly, abundantly beyond all of our expectations.On the subject of the manifestation of physical healings there were so many that I have lost count.I think that the most notable miracle was that of a Southern Baptist missionary. This man, probably in his seventies, was led by his son to one of our gatherings. His eyes were absolutely closed shut. He was semi paralyzed and sat in the meeting with his mouth wide open…really with the appearance of a vegetable. This precious saint, suffered not only from blindness for many years, but had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. After prayer he began to stretch his frozen arms slowly above his head as he waved to the Lord. We told him to open his eyes which were tiny. His iris and pupils were small and formless. As we spoke life into his eyes, shape began to come to them; the iris grew and was lined with blue. He suddenly began to see light and could discern my moving hand as a square in front of his eyes pointing correctly to where I would shift it to.He never that night regained total sight but when he went back to his chair his eyes were formed and partially opened. This saint had been a worship leader for many years and had lost his ability to sing due to the debilitating diseases. I grabbed his throat and shook it in the name of Jesus. Imagine doing that a Southern Baptist! I must confess that he was kind of freaked out. I then told them him to sing. Beautiful songs such as “How Great Thou Art” came out of a wonderful voice. Everybody began applauding.We found ourselves praying for people from 12:00PM to 10 PM straight with a half hour dinner break at about 6:30 every night.The next day, a pastor’s wife came for prayer with glaucoma in one eye. As we ministered to her, the bad eye cleared up right before our very faces and she began to say “Yes, I am seeing, I am seeing!”With chronically or partially deaf ears we saw no less than five people receive the instantaneous opening of their ears. One lady who had left her hearing aid in during our prayers said in Navajo, “You guys are talking too loud!’A brother had his hearing destroyed by a bug that had entered into his ear as a child. As we prayed for him four people saw a spiritual/ invisible bug scurry out of his left ear as his hearing was suddenly restored. Tears came into his eyes.A woman who had lost her hearing as a child regained it and received a healing from a tumor around her ear which had been obstructing the hearing.With skeletal problems we saw so many obtain the immediate relief from arthritis.

One man witnessed the pain of many years of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome depart from him.Two wonderful miracles were for one, that of a man who came to us drastically hunched over and twisted, dragging himself on metal braces. He had been in an accident twenty years earlier and had bruised his spinal cord He also had a heart blockage and was due to go to a procedure the next day. After much prayer his back totally straightened up. He left still on the braces but without a trace of a hunch. He came two days later to get some additional prayer. He had gone to the doctor who found no trace of the heart blockage.We prayed more for his back. We walked him around the room minus his braces holding just his hands and barely grabbing his elbows. He had no pain at all. I am convinced that he could have taken off walking but still had fear of doing so after not attempting it for twenty plus years.Secondly, is a dear friend ours who has suffered immensely from rheumatoid arthritis and had no cartilage or meniscus in her knees. She could not stand more than a minute at a time without the effect of intense pain shooting up her legs. She received the beginning of a miracle today. She stood up for nearly ten minutes praying for people and then walked gingerly all the way back to her car. Hallelujah! Other precious ones received immediate relief from cancer, asthma, stomach, intestinal and gall bladder symptoms.Many got words of prophecies that confirmed things from the Lord. Others received the gift of tongues. Many who suffered from broken hearts received a healing. There were at least three demonic deliverances on the carpet of the venue center at the Region Inn. One woman vomited into the garbage can of the conference room as the Lord set her free.We were taken to a Navajo home to prophecy over and bless the land and had a chance to eat freshly cooked fry bread.The Lord connected us with powerful ministers in Native American missions who will join hands with us not only to bring future healing meetings to Native America but our expositional Bible conferences, and seminars on the use of spiritual gifts and the identifying of spiritual ministries.The Lord Jesus was just doing what He always does best…loving people and setting them free for all the world to see.

Any church that would like to set up future meetings with us please contact us at 305-299-0633 be it Native or Non Native. The Lord loves all of his people.

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