Our Hands and the Affairs of God

1 Kings 17:16 the pitcher of meal was not consumed, and the dish of oil did not lack, according to the word (Deber) of Jehovah that He spake ( Piel/ Perfect) by the hand of Elijah.

The piel perfect is one of the strongest of Hebrew verb tenses. The piel talks about emphatic, intense, repetitive and decisive action of the verb. The perfect is an action completed. Deber is simply not the word, Word. It describes a matter, a counsel or an affair of God. In the ministry of our hands by the voice of the Spirit we execute fully and decisively the affairs of God all in one split moment. It is all a matter of seeing the affair by faith and releasing it through our hands . The key is to do it with, faith, immediacy and implicit obedience This is the mustard seed of miracles

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