Why Is There a Lack of Cultural Impact by the American Church?

Let’s face it, the lack of impact by the American Church on the non church culture is real, and it’s a problem.
I am guilty of it.
Human beings are clannish and tribal.
When I look at current Facebook posts of places that Mary and I have ministered to, in the last thirty years, the likes and comments are exclusively from the people that were part then, or part now, of these places.
In nine out of ten times the likes and comments are limited to that tribe or clan of people, and little has changed over the years, or will change.
It’s the rarity that you will see Christians transcend their clan or tribe to venture into new Christian tribes and clans.
And imagine, if this is a difficulty, how much harder is it for American Christian to transcend the church culture to impact the non church culture?
The problem is complex and has many facets to it.
I certainly have limited solutions.
But let me propose one.
If the American Christian is to impact the non church culture, it’s going to do it by forming a habit.
Jesus is radically proactive, more so than we can imagine.
He always nudging us from second to second, to make better choices, trust Him more, give more, pray more, love more, reach out more and obey Him more.
The increase that Jesus looks for in us has no limitations.
The American Christian, me included, must develop the habit of continually reaching out more.
Make the hard telephone calls, pray for someone who is sick, give to someone with a legitimate need on Go Fund Me after you have already given all your tithes and offerings, and giving to this person, costs you something.
The ever increasing pro activity to reach out, to risk, to to venture outside a tribe or clan, is the only way that the American Christian can develop the habit that will finally let him or her break out of the gravitational field of their church tribe.
Practice makes perfect, and this habit becomes joy in the Holy Spirit, when you develop relationships with new people, especially with non Christians.
Always genuinely care. Care about people’s little details, care to be a neighbor. People respond to this.
You will discover that there is not much difference between the Christian and the non Christian.
We are all people with the same requirements.
The deciding factor is that when all is said and done, you will see the non Christian and Christian side by side sitting on toilets, doing number two.

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