Why Do I Want to See Myself Ministering?

I won’t have pictures of myself ministering, plastered on Facebook, if the motive is to exalt myself.

Any self-exaltation shows that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is incomplete in me.

This baptism is the life of the resurrected Christ Jesus saturating, controlling, possessing and energizing my spirit, soul, blood, eyes, ears, bones, bodily organs, in fact every molecule in me, says that man of God, John G Lake.

For that to occur, the possession of God in every molecule in my body happens in proportion to the dispossession of myself.

When it is complete, I can’t see Jose anymore…it’s just impossible.

What the world needs is the zoe life of Christ Jesus oozing out of a Holy Spirit baptized man or woman, and not the soulish life of one who plasters his photo on Facebook, to ambitiously further his ministry, but has little more to give than that.

” Lord, rid me of all self exaltation, for that person has been me!”

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