The Holy Spirit Versus The Invasion of The Religious Nones!

There is a growing movement of folks  throughout the USA whom when asked, what is your religion, they say None.

Others are tagged as “The Religious Nones!”

It sounds like an alien invasion!

I have been warning about this for years.

What must change the state of the American church lest we end up as “The Geriatric Assembly of the Gray and Blue Hair Ladies!”

Here is how to counter the invasion of The Religious Nones!

  1. People are fleeing religion, but running towards the Holy Spirit
  2. God satisfies hunger for Him more than knowledge of Him.
  3. God encounters the hungry New Ager before the tepid church goer.
  4. God encounters the seeking atheist before the stuffy and religious church leader.
  5. What can the church with two hours do better than anyone, or anything else, on any given Sunday, in the whole wide world?
  6. It should, and has the ability to provide people an encounter with the God of the universe. The church must outshine and dazzle every other establishment as the place to have an encounter with God in just two hours on a Sunday.
  7. Everybody loves to see power and glory; whom God is the author of.
  8. Everybody wants to have a good time; whom God is the author of.
  9. Religion has made God into an old prune. He is quite the opposite. He is fun! He is happy! He is excited!
  10. Pure love, whom God is, can only dwell in joy, happiness and good times.
  11. The Holy Spirit is not religious. Man is religious.
  12. Religion is man’s attempt to box the Holy Spirit because agenda is worshiped more than the Holy Spirit.
  13. People are looking for people, who truly care, who will listen to their story!
  14. There is little difference between the churched and unchurched.
  15. I minister to people in the same way in the church as I do outside.
  16. I find that Jesus Christ easily brings church to the marketplace, and that the church should not be confined to the building.
  17. God’s holiness and sanctity is felt as strong with the dingiest people on the streets as it is in church.
  18. God is more enthusiastically moving outside of church than inside.
  19. People outside of church are as excited to receive a word of prophecy as those inside.
  20. The enemy of the church is not the world. It’s not an “us versus them” battle.
  21. I see evangelistic opportunities called “visitors” which God brings to church on Sunday
  22. If you sincerely get into people’s lives to love and serve them, even the atheist will hear you.
  23. The world awaits for the liberated church.
  24. Most crave to encounter the Holy Spirit but have little opportunity to do so.
  25. His ministry, power, freedom, words of encouragement, and healing touch, all yearn for.
  26. There are many who long to speak in tongues but do not.
  27. My observation after praying for thousands is that ninety five percent in all countries desire the experience of speaking in tongues.
  28. Ninety five percent of the people whom I pray and who have never had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, desire it.
  29. About ninety-nine percent who meet the Holy Spirit for the first time love it and want a repeat experience.
  30. Secondly, there are as many who desire to be utilize in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  31. It’s my custom, when I minister, to call someone whom I have prayed for to help me pray for others.
  32. Typically these are people who have never prayed for anyone.
  33. Ninety nine percent who have a chance to pray, thoroughly enjoy it and want to pray more!
  34. They want to hear God for themselves, extend their hands out, and give a word, or see a healing.
  35. Church is too much a bystander event.
  36. What about making it more hands on?
  37. Would more come, if presented with the new prospects?
  38. Baptize as many people who want to, in the Holy Spirit.
  39. That will include just about everyone.
  40. Than ask who wants to receive tongues.
  41. That will include almost everybody.
  42. Then teach how to minister one to another, and allow them to do it.
  43. That will include just about everyone.
  44. Friendship is love shaped as a big listening ear.
  45. God moves like a river.
  46. At every church meeting there is a river.
  47. This river is God’s Spirit.
  48. The river will vary from meeting to meeting in accordance to what God does.
  49. The secret to the meeting is to locate and jump into the river.
  50. In the river, ministry flows.
  51. It becomes the power of the river, rather than mine.
  52. It becomes the direction of the river, rather than mine.
  53. It becomes the results which the rivers creates, rather than me.
  54. God’s biggest river today is young people.
  55. We traverse the world ministering.
  56. Undisputedly, God is moving most powerfully with the thirty and under crowd.
  57. We are not seeing growth in new people, and most important, from millennials, who are the largest sector of the labor force.
  58. Most of these young people have not grown up in the church.
  59. They come from households where there was little talk of religion.
  60. They are neutral on the issue of God.
  61. They are not opinionated.
  62. They are no schooled by the church system.
  63. They are sponges desirous to be filled, but not quite sure with what.
  64. When God touches them, it’s powerful.
  65. If the river of young people is tapped into, its waters will spill throughout the church.
  66. We cannot segregate them to youth groups or youth church.
  67. Young people must be involved in all church functions inclusive of leadership.
  68. If they are segregated God’s river will be confined and its waters stagnate.
  69. One must never be scared to turn over a meeting to the absolute control of the Holy Spirit.
  70. He is the “time keeper par excellence.”
  71. One can have agenda but hold it loosely in light of the Holy Spirit’s wishes.
  72. Having an agenda and giving absolute control to the Holy Spirit should never be at odds. It’s not an “either or” proposition. It should be an “and.”
  73. The need to hold on to agenda at the expense of the Holy Spirit’s wishes, is the need to control through fear. This fear can be the fear of failure.
  74. Yet man has not learned that if he puts the Holy Spirit’s wishes before agenda, he will never fail, because God never fails.

Here is the article on The Religious Nones!

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