The Florida Turnpike and God’s Global Vision

Today I went on my five mile walk in Miami, Florida, at a dog park.

The busy Florida Turnpike parallels one side of the park.

Looking “head on” at the turnpike, there was an endless flow of cars crisscrossing each other, traveling north and south.

Zooming at 70 miles per hour, they appeared as blurs traversing each other.

The further that I directed my eyesight towards the turnpike’s north and south horizons, the cars become progressively smaller, and slower.

Google explains this phenomenon.

“Things appear to move slower when they are far away because they seem smaller, and take longer to cross our line of vision. Likewise, they appear to move faster when they are close by, because they seem bigger.”

The Holy Spirit spoke.

“I am calling people not just to dwell on their circle of friends, there church, their “head on” world and the quickly moving affairs in their lives.

I am calling people beyond their small vision.

I am calling people to look towards the edges of my horizons, way beyond their quickly moving world, where because affairs seem to go slower, they can get My big picture for the globe and then execute it.”

I say, “God is not tribal minded, God is kingdom minded.”

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