No More Couch Potatoes for the Lord!

In my devotions this morning I listened to what the Lord wants to do at our Holy Spirit meeting tonight in North Miami.

I felt the great love that Jesus has for His Body.

Jesus is in love with His Body.

The problem with today’s model is that Christ’s body has grown fat and flabby from lack of exercise.

Very few members are active in ministry.

Most members are spectators; simple couch potatoes for the Lord.

Visualize a human body where just a few parts of it do anything and the rest of the bodily members sit idly by.

Would this body be a model of health or of sickness?

Yet, this is exactly what happens in Christ’s body.

Leaders in what God is doing now need to be in intimate contact with the Head of His Body, who is Christ Jesus.

Through what the Head says, today’s leaders know how to pull each member of the Body out from being spectating couch potatoes into a place where each begins to exercise their gifts and ministries, hence building their spiritual muscles.

They are the conductors of the ultimate orchestra in the world, the Body of Christ.

This is the great charge of today’s Christian leader.

Read my lips, and Jesus’….   “No More Couch Potatoes for the Lord!”

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