Moving Forward, Moving On, Is God’s Judgment

God's grace

God’s judgment is not a volley of thunder and lightning that scorches you to a crisp.

That would interfere with due process of God’s highest gift to humanity, free will.

Free will to accept Him or reject Him.

Many times God’s judgment after He has patiently persuaded, and reasoned is to bypass you.

God will not be stopped.

You want to retain a hard heart to what He asks you to do, He will say, “Moving Forward, Moving On, I am Bypassing You.”

I wonder what is better, that volley of lightning bolts to snap me to attention, or the subtle God, who has bypassed me, moving forward, moving on, who when far away from me turns around and says, “Bye Felicia?”

Oh the price of hardening my heart to God makes me into the frog who burned to death in slowly heating waters, blinded to the God who judged me, by “Moving Forward, Moving On.”

It’s happening to many in the American church.

Many frogs in the church, being burned to death by deception, and not having the foggiest that God is Moving Forward, and Moving On.

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