The Quickest Way to Activate Yourself and Others in Spiritual Gifts?

What is the quickest way to activate yourself and other people in  spiritual gifts?

My wife and host frequent Holy Spirit Tours throughout the USA.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit is one of the most neglected in the church.

It is usually reserved for the end of the service as ten or fifteen minutes of prayer ministry.

Yet, what most people crave is an encounter with the Holy Spirit.

This is the “Now Thing” that God is doing throughout the world.

God created people, Christian, or non-Christian, to love the supernatural, stand in awe of power and glory, and be amazed by signs and wonders.

People are fleeing religion, especially in America, but thronging to  meetings where the Holy Spirit is manifested.

We hold our Holy Spirit meetings without any agenda.

We simply show up and are led by the Holy Spirit’s agenda, which by the way, is  the best.

Every Christian has received at least one of the spiritual gifts listed in First Corinthians twelve.

God is invisible and is made evident through them.

Though some training in what spiritual gifts are, and do, is good, nothing approximates putting someone on the spot where they are required at least to attempt to use them.

When I had a desire more than twenty years ago to be used in prophecy, I began by going to someone whom I thought that God was leading me to, and asking them if it was okay to pray for them.

Other times, when I thought that God could have a word for a person, I would say to him; “I believe that God has a word for you, would it be okay if I shared with you?”

If you approach people with kindness and respect and ask for their permission to pray or share a word, you will discover that most want to hear what God has to say.

I have become confident in doing this by stepping out of God’s boat thousands of time into the waters of ministry risks.

It really is a lot of fun.

Let me say this again, you will never become proficient at using your spiritual gifts in a class or a seminar or by praying too much about them.

Using spiritual gifts take faith and faith takes action.

The Holy Spirit is much less about education, and a lot more about demonstration.

If you want to get activated in the gift of prophecy then ask God to give you a prayer or a word for someone.

When the slightest nudge, or thought, or word comes for the individual, go forward at once, and give it.

You will active yourself quickly.

If it’s the healing gift, then step out over and over to pray for someone who is sick.

You will become activated in the healing anointing!

God is more desirous to activate you, then what you will ever be!

Always ask the person,respectfully, for their permission.

Finally, if you want to activate someone who has never prophesied, but who wants to, do the following,

Put that person on the spot, throw them to the sharks!

I am being funny of course, but serious too.

I call upon person who has never prophesied and tell them, “You give me a prophecy! “

Sometimes the person gets startled.

I tell them, “take your time, wait on the Lord and the first thing that comes to you for me, tell me. No matter how strange or weird it is.”

In a matter of minutes not only do people give me an incredible word, but God gives them a vision for me that rocks my world.

This is repeated time and time again.

Today, I know people who have stepped into a prophetic ministry from the one time that I put them on the spot and asked them to give me a word.

Let’s get away from so many seminars and classes on spiritual gifts and bring people who have never used them up with you and activate them, by putting them on the spot.

Then mentor them in the days and weeks that follow.

Let them minister with you.

You watch and help them.

Spiritual gift training is not taught, it’s caught.

Some teaching is profitable.

However, we end up having many classes and courses on spiritual gifts which are time wasters.

Get your people up with you, put them on the spot and watch the Lord Jesus do some mega activations right before your eyes.

Contact me if I can be of help.

Our contact information is on this blog site.


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