• God is causing His Body, the church, to shed the old skin off (like that of a snake)
  • God is creating Version 2.0 of the world and Version 2.0 of the church.  What do we do to get ready and learn Version 2.0?
  • There is a massive Reset of all things, inclusive of the church. How do we respond to that? What is the reset in our own lives?
  • What is the New Normal? What is Version 2.0? What is the Reset of all things? Are we asking?
  • The rains of God are increasing on the earth.
  • The church has been like a directionless spinning compass on the earth. The Lord is creating one direction for the church.
  • God is causing people to seek Him for themselves and not always asking people to pray for them.
  • God is causing the world to accommodate His interruptions.Especially in this country, we want things in a tidy and organized way. God is breaking this.
  • God is bringing the Fear of the Lord.
  • There is an incredible excitement in the midst of darkness of what the Lord is doing.
  • Be ready to be used in massive ways that we have never been used
  • Every knee shall bow/ everything that can be shaken will be shaken.
  • Desperate times brings God’s visitation
  • What is the slice of time that God is pointing out?
  • There has been a turning point, and God is calling the church to make the turning point.
  • Unleashed, new seasons, new strategies.
  • This is a training and preparing time for the church.
  • Pandemic brings Panrevival!
  • Stop thinking locally, think globally.
  • Exploit socially media with the goodness of the Lord.
  • What monopoly can the church bring on the global scene?
  • Train people while they quarantine at their homes.
  • The old might not work in many future situations of life and ministry?
  • Reinvert your ministry, yourself.
  • Where do you see yourself and your ministry, now, next month, six months, a year from now?

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