1. How do I know that Jesus is real? Experience! If you only believe about Him you will doubt. You need to experience Him for yourself. Experience plus encounter.
  2. It’s not about begging God to do something. When you get to the place, or learn what God wants you to, He will open the door.
  3. God works in mysteries to hide His treasures from people who hate Him and want to use them for their corrupt desires.
  4. Success is proportional to our executing the will of God, in Christ Jesus.
  5. The Christian must get that superhuman person, Christ, out of him, at all costs. Express, express Christ out of you for the world to see.
  6. A glance in the Spirit to see what the Father does, gives us enough intuition for us to step out in faith and do what that the Spirit is telling us to. 
  7. The Word of God is a medicine which must be taken in huge daily amounts if the schizophrenia of our soul is to be cured.
  8. Those who say that the Holy Spirit or His gifts are not for today commit spiritual suicide.
  9. An older generation filled with the Holy Spirit has something no one else has: experience with God. Irreplaceable.
  10. Waiting on the Lord, is as a waiter waiting on people. It’s not passive, it’s proactive. Make things happen by prayer.
  11. I’m a container of mercy into which God wants to pour the riches of His glory. It solely comes by the Spirit as I dwell, sit, and receive.
  12. God’s mercy is greatest when I do things according to His truth, not because God feels sorry for me when I’m in error.
  13. Tithing requires minimum faith, and it will open up a door to a small ministry.
  14. Fifteen minutes of hearing God’s voice will hugely affect the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day.
  15. Pharaoh saw more miracles than most human beings. He had many chances to repent. Then he drowns in the Red Sea. Are you a pharaoh?
  16. Dream big with God. Invest big in His kingdom. When you know it’s Him put all your cards on the table and go all the way, risking it all.
  17. In Nicaragua I was blessed to have models of superior kingdom givers. Their ministries are hyper dynamically expanding on all levels & sides.
  18. In Nicaragua I met productive people completing the first event by 10 am and the second by 2pm, and then on to the third and even a fourth.
  19. Quit feeling sorry for yourself because of the devil’s warfare and get brainwashed by the Word of God. Then he flees.
  20. The coefficient which exponentially increases the power of God is sheer confidence in His voice.
  21. it’s not a one man show. It’s about the body of Christ.
  22. The loss of all fear of man in Christ is the playground for great men and women of God.
  23. The greatest sin is managing your life without God.
  24. Would it be wrong to say that Jesus Christ is addicted to loving people?
  25. We think that for the church to be relevant we have to water down the gospel. Just the opposite, we have to make Jesus bigger!
  26. I read this and it’s convicting me. Larger waist means shorter life.
  27. Watchman Nee said that the greatest bondage on the church by the devil is to create passive minds and thinking.
  28. It takes more faith to believe that I came from a monkey than to believe that a Higher Power created me.
  29. Jesus is the One Being Loved. If He is in you, you are the one being loved.
  30. If God was a human, He would have a picture of you on his refrigerator . He is crazy in love with you. Jack Frost.

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