What are forming waves and tipping points in the Body of Christ?

Entrepreneurs who seek exploitable business trends use clichés such as “spot forming waves” and “identify tipping points.”

The forming wave in business is no different to one in the Hawaiian Islands which a surfer spots and rides as it crests, and breaks.

The smart surfer is the first one to spot its formative stage.

What is a tipping point?

If we combine the Google and Webster’s definitions for a tipping point we come up with this.

It is a point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change. When this happens the critical point is reached beyond, and often unstoppable effect or change takes place.

One recent tipping points is the global acceptance of gay marriage.

Another recent one is the “Me Too” movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault, particularly with men harassing women.

These tipping points started as many forming and breaking waves hitting against the scales and eventually tipping them in favor of these changes.

Some of us are spotting forming waves in the Body of Christ.

Here are a few.

Maasai Land Ministry, Maashuru, Kenya

Millennials are saying, don’t just talk to me about God, show me God.”

Churches that keep rigid religious systems are in danger of dinosaur extinction.

We’re in a social revolution.

Relationships are fluid not systematic.

Churches must become relational, and not obsessed with systems.

They must disciple and raise up people.

The seeker sensitive model has proven not work.

It has done its part to produce shallow and unequipped believers.

Young people flee religious systems but throng to relational settings where God’s presence is active.

Our good friend, Pastor Gina Choi, Nyack, NY

There is a growing dissatisfaction in the Body of Christ, with people who no longer desire to be a spectator in church, but get into the action and participate in the work of the ministry.

Many are leaving churches who don’t give them opportunity to use their spiritual gifts.

There are many in the Body of Christ who discovering their spiritual gifts, and are going to churches where opportunity is given to them to use them.

The New Testament idea of every member in Christ’s body doing the work of the ministry, versus how church has been done where a few ministered while most sat idly, is becoming an extinct dinosaur.

Numerous are discovering that God has a specific ministry, which is entirely their own creation, their baby, that God has called them to launch out into.

They can be part of their local church but God has something in addition, something greater, their unique ministry and calling, which they must also birth.

Our Holy Spirit Tour ( The Body Doing The Work of the Ministry!)

These are just forming waves.

Every industry on earth is being disrupted.

That includes the church, and it’s already happening

No industry will be safe.

If we are not careful, churches will become “The assembly of the gray and blue hair ladies!”

There is coming a slew of entrepreneurs who will disrupt the church as it is now.

Entrepreneur, Peter Diamandis say, “If you want to make a billion dollars, help a billion people?”

What can you do to help a billion people?

What are the global forming waves that you are spotting?

I wonder if just in few years, these “I Want Ministry Too” waves will tip and transform the way that church is done forever more.


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